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Choose a Template ($50 Deposit Fee)

Welcome to my template design library. These are signs I have not made, yet! The designs are ready to personalize, making the design process much quicker! You can decide on colors, a proportional size, and the name fonts. Just plug and go, and you've got yourself a beautiful custom sign! I will take the design you choose the laser cut and hand shape each element. The colors you choose will be applied with shading techniques. This allows me to take your sign from design to DIMENSIONAL!

The $50 is a deposit towards starting the customization process. These signs will vary in price. The designs range in size, shape, and complexity. Until I know the size, and any upgrades you'd like for your custom piece, I cannot accurately quote you price. Once your custom proof has been approved, I will make you a personal listing to purchase. The $50 deposit will be applied towards the final price.  Therefore, the listing I create for you will be the balance owed. 

Shipping charges and delivery windows vary. I typically use UPS for my larger shipments.

*All designs are subject to the disclaimers found on the FAQ page. 



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