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Logo/Brand Matching & Business Signs (deposit & info)

This is a deposit on your custom design for your sign, this is not the final price.

Let's talk eye catching designs for your anywhere in your business! Here is some info about what you get when you order a sign with me:

  • 100% customizable. Let's talk custom and details!
  • Your design is unique, and multifaceted so to come up with an accurate quote for your custom sign, I like to work with you and the design/vision first! Your design can be your own vision, one of a kind! 
  • Acrylic is sleek, clean and has a professional aesthetic. It will not discolor or bubble over time.
  • Wood signs can be shaped, layered, painted or stained. 
  • I can combine wood and acrylic for something truly unique!
  • For QR codes signs: I generate qr codes for you! Some apps do have app generate qr codes that you will find in your settings(payment apps). I may request you send me this version. The qr codes I generate are based on the hyperlinks you send me. If you alter the hyperlinks in any way after the qr code is generated, it may not work. Codes are engraved into the acrylic and will not fade, scratch or peel over time.
  • I can include phrases, usernames, handles, hyperlinks, “follow, shop, like” instructions, etc!
  • I can incorporate your business logo, colors and overall branding.
  • Wide range of fonts and design elements available to incorporate.

LOGO MATCHING (if applicable)

  • Send Logo in SVG or PDF via email to
    • NOTE: Logos must already be in SVG or high resolution PDF file only. Canva logos can be used when saved as a PDF file in the highest resolution. Logos must be simplistic, basic color, no watercolor. All logos are copied identically, derived from the file you send me. Text is cut out of wood or acrylic for a 3d effect. Any fine lines or small text will be engraved to match the rest of the text. 
  • Any orders with no logo sent within one week of the purchase date, your order will be cancelled.


  • I can incorporate wood, acrylic, or a mix of both!
  • I work with multiple suppliers to present you with infinite acrylic options available: Solid Color, Translucent, Neon, Naturals, Mirrored, Marble, Pearl, Painted, Multi color swirl, etc.


  • If you are ready to start the design process with me, there will be a $50 design fee that is non refundable. This design fee will cover my process of creating your custom design that we have discussed and includes 3 proofs.
  • The design fee is due upfront, before the design process can begin. The design fee paid upfront will be applied towards the final price of your finished product/package. Your final sign price will be quoted to you after we have discussed all elements and acrylic approved for the final design. 
  • Final prices vary, there are a lot of option to consider. Packages and upgrades are available to bundle and save. EX: (shape of sign, style, square chip reader, biz card holder, # of qr codes, mirrored base)
  • Your total price will be quoted on your final proof. I will make a custom listing for you to pay the balance. Production will begin when your balance is paid in full.
  • Please keep in mind, if you have a budget, let me know upfront! I can work with you to give you options in your target range, or if you have a larger budget, it allows me to offer you upgrades and special elements!


  • (If incorporating logo/branding) Please upload or email me your logo when while ordering.
  • Proofs are digital and sent via email, please make sure to enter it carefully during checkout.
  • Once your deposit has been purchased, I will email you a design inquiry form. Then, when I receive back your completed form, I will send you a digital mockup (with your design elements, name, font and name color selections) within 48 hours for approval.
  • You have 48 hours from the time of receipt to send me your approval for the design or to make any requests for changes.* (see detailed proof process)
  • DETAILED PROOF PROCESS. Included in your design fee is:
    1. Initial Proof- This is a "rough" draft putting together individual elements and details we discussed to form a big picture of what the final product will look like. Customer is responsible for reviewing and letting me know if anything needs to be edited or changed to your liking. 
    2. Edited Proof- Based off the edits/changes you have asked for, I will give you an updated proof to approve. If you love this version, I will have you sign off with your approval. If you have some minor changes to make still, this is the time to make any last edits.
    3. Final Proof- Based off our proofs and edits, this is the stage where you get to see your whole project come together! Your signature is required for design approval. Once a design is approved, a deposit/payment is required to begin making the physical product.
  • I will not begin your sign without your approval. Once approved, your custom design production will begin.
  • Once a final proof is approved, no further changes can be made. Any change requests made to your sign after proof approval will incur additional charges, possibly an additional design fee. Please make sure all spelling is correct.


After design approval, I may need to order supplies for your order. This may add additional business days before your production time may begin. Production times will vary based on the size and complexity of your sign. I will provide you with an accurate quote on turn around time after your design has been approved. Once a package is shipped (from South Carolina), average carrier delivery times are 3-8 business days depending on destination.


*Due to natural variations between digital representations and reality, please allow for some differences in the acrylic shade pictured and that received. Each piece is made to order and cannot mimic the exact color shown in photos. 

*Due to the handmade nature of this item, please allow for variations in shading, color and some minor imperfections.

*Tiny text/elements may need to be engraved, rather than cut and applied as a layer. This is up to my discretion.

*Fonts selected must be thick enough to laser cut. If font is not thick enough on its own, I may widen its outline to add durability.

*Acrylic should be handled with care. Narrow parts can snap when too much pressure is applied. Surface can scratch. Clean with lens wipe.

*QR Code Disclaimers: QR codes are generated with a hyperlink or png image that you provide me. Any changes to those hyperlinks, accounts or usernames after the code has been generate may alter its scanning ability.

*Proof disclaimers:  colors and representations seen on digital proofs will vary in person.

*Deposit is non refundable.

*Custom Signs are non refundable. Custom signs are those that you specifically altered when adding to your cart.



Production & Shipping Times

Production times vary, please ask me for an up to date turn around quote if you need it by a certain date. On average, standard products ship within 5 business days.

Shipping times vary, based on carrier and several factors. You will receive tracking info when I print your shipping label. On average, standard products have a delivery windown within 3 - 8 business days from the day they receive the package.

Care Instructions

To clean, use a lens wipe. Handle with care, as acrylic can break or scratch if not handled properly.


*Pieces were cut to snuggly fit in their slots. Be careful when inserting pieces to not put too much pressure on the thinner acrylic as it is subject to snap or scratch under too much pressure.

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